Sunday, December 9, 2007

I love New England with all my heart and I have no reason to leave it ever. I would go to the Connecticut Lakes in New Hampshire because I have not gone (although, this coming summer I will absolutely go). They are the birth mountains of the Connecticut River, the largest in New England. It is still wild there. The history of the river is a history of the region.


Saturday, November 17, 2007

my travel plans are to traverse the 11 miles from my door to jay(peak). if i don't die before 10am tomorrow, i'll get it done before i die.
check out the's winter here. they start turning the lifts in the morning.

anonymous snowboarder
newport, vermont

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

On my last trip I would take a yurt to yurt ski trip in the Rockies with my family. I have always had an affinity for mountains and snow. This would be the ultimate combination of majestic views, extreme conditions and family togetherness!!!

Dan in Rhode Island

IT's always fun to dream! I'd love to go to Ireland...My grandmother and her family grew up there, ( Mary Veronica O'Reilly) and I've heard it 's a wonderful place to visit. I 'd love to take my children so they could see the beauty that is Ireland and learn about their heritage....Plus, right now, it just seems like the perfect, tranquil escape from reality that I could really use a dose of right about now!

thanks for this Med,

Rhode Island

I would like to travel back to Dorado Beach in Puerto Rico because it is peaceful, serene and beautiful.

I would take my sister-in-law Sheila with me because she is so much fun.

Portland, Maine